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Fixtures and Results





 1ST    Ken Bird        47lb 11oz      peg 10

 2ND  Tony Burden   36lb              peg 20

 Sec A  Dave Forrester   31lb 7oz   peg 11

Sec  B  Dave Markham  27lb 1oz  peg 15


 1ST     Alan Wright    46lb 15oz       peg 15

 2ND   Tony Burden   35lb 13oz       peg 9

 3rd     Ed Davison      30lb 9oz         peg 3

 Sec A   Steve Timberlake 25lb 6oz   peg 11

 Sec  B  Bob Lightowler   30lb 1oz   peg 22


 1ST   Ken Bird               42lb 2oz  peg 20

 2ND  Steve Timberlake  35lb 15   peg 16

 3RD    Justin Hunt          34lb 2oz peg 23

Saturday 18th May lake C

1st Alan Nobbs       32lb 7oz peg 22

2nd Nigel Knights  32lb 1oz peg 11

3rd Justin Hunt       27lb 8oz  peg 3 

Saturday 11th May lake A

1st Steve Timberlake 37lb 5oz    peg 11

2nd Tony Burden       34lb 14oz  peg 3

3rd Justin Hunt          33lb 13oz  peg 15


1ST   Tony Burden          58lb 13oz         peg 9

2ND  Ian Bailey              29lb 1oz           peg 20

3rd     Steve Timberlake  24lb                 peg 18

Sec (A) Richard Adams   23lb 13oz        peg 6

Sec (B) Dave Forrester    23lb 14oz        peg 16

Results Saturday 20th lake C

1st Dave Forrester 36lb 2oz peg 23

2nd Tony Burden   28lb 9oz peg 21

3rd Ian Bailey        28lb 4oz peg 13 

Results Saturday 13th April Lake A

 1ST   Richard Adams   41lb 12oz  peg 17

 2ND  Glen Burden       35lb 7oz    peg 11

 3rd     Alan Nobbs        20lb 8oz    peg 10

 Sec (A)  Brian Bygraves  19lb 13oz  peg 13

 Sec (B)  David Reynolds  20lb 6oz    peg 20

Results Saturday 9th March Lake C

1ST       Steve Timberlake 17lb 7oz       peg 5

2ND      Nigel Knights      10lb 9oz        peg 23

3rd       Colin Raine           10lb 1oz        peg 10

Sec (A)Paul Warnes  4lb 6oz                  peg 2

Sec (B)Tony Gibbons 9lb 8oz                peg 20

Results Saturday 9th March Lake C

1ST   Andy Page                27lb 7oz     peg 4

2ND Tony Burden             20lb 8oz     peg 6

3rd    Bob Lightowler        17lb 8oz     peg 2

Sec (A)   Dave Forrester    14lb 4oz    peg 11

Sec (B) Ove Jinkerson      12lb            peg 15

Results Saturday 2nd March Lake A

1ST   Steve Timberlake      33lb 12oz        peg 13

2ND  Ken Bird                   26lb 9oz          peg 10

3rd    Dave Forrester          25lb 1oz          peg 3

Sec (A)Colin Raine            20lb 12oz        peg 1

Sec (B)Richard Adams      21lb 8oz          peg 17

Saturday 24th Feb Lake C

1st Bob Lightowler 25lb 1oz peg 3

2nd Tony Gibbons  16lb 2oz peg 22

3rd Nigel Knights   15lb 

Sec A Andy Page 9lb 2oz peg 11

Sec B Colin Raine 13lb 4oz peg 21


1ST Dave Forrester   38lb 4oz        peg 22   

2ND Richard Adams 17lb 15oz      peg 5

3rd   Brian Bygraves 15lb 11oz      peg 13

Sec (A)  Keith Morley 7lb 11oz     peg 10

Sec (B)  Justin Hunt   8lb 11oz      peg 14

Results Saturday 10th Feb Lake C

1st Bob Lightowler 19lb 9oz peg 11

2nd Brian Bygraves 18lb 3oz peg 13

3rd Ken Bird 13lb 2oz peg 22

sec A Steve Timberlake 9lb 12oz

sec B Kevin Wilson 9lb 5oz peg 15 

Results Saturday 3rd February lake A

1st   Tony Burden      54lb 11oz       peg 20

2nd  Dave Forrester  50lb 8oz          peg 5

Section A  Kevin Wilson   21lb 11oz  peg 11

Section  B Richard Adams 13lb         peg 23

Results Saturday 27th January Lake  C

1st Dave Forrester    43lb         peg 6

2nd Ken Bird           9lb 6oz     peg 16

3rd Richard Adams  8lb 10oz   peg 17

Results Saturday 6th January Lake A

1st        David Ragan         17lb 5oz       peg 10

2nd       Nigel Knights       12lb 13oz     peg 14

3rd        Justin Hunt             8lb 15oz     peg 2

Section A Dave Forrester    8lb 10oz     peg 3

Section B Richard Adams    1lb 8oz      peg 16

Results Saturday 30th December lake C

1st       Justin Hunt             63lb 8oz       peg 11

2nd      Richard Adams      23lb 13oz     peg 16

3rd      Kevin Wilson          23lb 7oz       peg 13

Results Saturday 23rd December  lake A

1st    Andy Page          21lb 11oz     peg 3

2nd  David Reynolds  13lb 6oz       peg 2

3rd   David Ragan      6lb 6oz         peg 20

Results Saturday 2nd December  lake C

1st    Ken Bird                 33lb 15oz     peg 11

2nd   Dave Forrester       11lb 13oz     peg 4

3rd   Keith Morley          10lb 8oz       peg 15

Sec (A) Dougie Wingrove      5oz       peg   3

Sec (B) Gary Bull           10lb 2oz       peg 21

Results Saturday 25th November lake A

1st  Dave Forrester    35lb        peg 13

2nd Nigel Knights     11lb        peg 23

Sec (A) Colin Raine  6lb          peg 5

Sec (B) Tony Burden 9lb 7oz   peg 20

Results Saturday 11th November lake A

1st  Dave Forrester      34lb 8oz       peg 17

2nd Ken Bird              18lb 1oz       peg 15

Section (A) Tony Burden  11lb 11oz     peg 13

Section (B) Alan Nobbs    12lb 13oz     peg 20  


Results Saturday 4th October lake

1st  Dave Forrester            27lb 2oz         peg 11

 2nd        Paul Aris            18lb 5oz          peg 4

 Section (A)  Ken Bird            8lb 9oz     peg 9

 Section (B)  David Reynolds 15lb 8oz   peg 12   

Results Saturday 28th October lake A

1st  Keith Morley    31lb 10oz     peg 16

2nd Glen Burden    24lb 2oz       peg 22

Section (A) Richard Adams22lb 6oz   peg 13

Section (B)  Dave Forrester  17lb 8oz peg 17   

Results Saturday 21st October lake C

1st  Dave Forrester             38lb 6oz       peg 11

2nd Kevin Howard             33lb 8oz       peg 16

3rd Stephen Harrison         23lb 11oz     peg 17

Results Saturday 14th October lake A

1st  Dave Forrester     62lb 6oz       peg 10

2nd Tony Burden       41lb 15oz     peg 15

3rd Keith Morley       30lb 13oz     peg 13

Marsh Trail Lakes Festival 7th / 8th Oct 

Day 1 Lake A

1st Alan Nobbs 47lb 7oz, 2nd Kevin Howard 44lb 1oz, 3rd Ken Bird 43lb 1oz, 4th Bob Lightowler 37lb 9oz

Day 1 lake C

1st Jamie Forrester 55lb, 2nd Dave Forrester 54lb 9oz, 3rd Lee Lightfoot 44lb 6oz, 4th Andy Page 35lb 9oz

Day 2 lake A

1st Jamie Forrester 50lb 4oz, 2nd Dave Forrester 43lb 6oz, 3rd Andy Page 42lb, 4th Nigel Knights 27lb 5oz

Day 2 Lake C

1st Bob Lightowler 62lb 11oz, 2nd Chris Knights 54lb 6oz, 3rd Karl Norman 52lb 9oz, 4th Alan Nobbs 48lb 12oz


Top five positions over the  two days

1st Jamie Forrester        2 Points  105lb 4oz

2nd Dave Forrester        4 Points  97lb 15oz

3rd Bob Lightowler       5 Points  110lb 4oz

4th Alan Nobbs              5 Points  96lb 3oz

Results Lake C Saturday 16th September 

1st Dave Forrester  38lb 7oz  peg 23

Joint Second + (Section A)

Bob Lightowler/  38lb 2oz      peg 3

Kevin Howard     38lb 2oz      peg 11

Section B

Ken Bird    35lb 10oz              peg 16

Resuts Lake A Saturday 9th September 

1st Kevin Howard  45lb 1oz    peg 13

        ( Shirley)

2nd Ken Bird        29lb 13oz    peg 17

3rd Dave Forrester  21lb 8oz   peg 10

Section A   Bob Lightowler    20lb 11oz   peg 3

Section B  Keith Morley    20lb 8oz         peg 20

Results Lake C Saturday 2nd September 

1st Kevin Howard       43lb 14oz  peg 17

        ( Shirley)

2nd Tony Burden        42lb 1oz    peg11

3rd Dave Markam       35lb           peg 5

Results Lake A Saturday 26th August

1st Colin Raine             62lb 3oz    peg 16

2nd Dave Markham      43lb 15oz  peg 13

3rd Dave Forrester        36lb 2oz    peg 10

Results Lake C Saturday 19th August

1st Jamie  Forrester     53lb 14oz     peg 11

2nd Ove Jinkerson      43lb 15oz     peg 9

Sec A  Colin Raine      30lb 14oz     peg 3

Sec B Dave Forrester  36lb 10oz     peg 15

Results Lake A Saturday 12th August

1st Dave Forrester     78lb 15oz     peg 13

2nd Ove Jinkerson    44lb 13oz     peg 15

3rd Tony Burden      30lb 1oz        peg 10

Results Lake C Saturday 5th August

1st Scott Alan           60lb 15oz  peg 15

2nd Adrain Scarfe    51lb 1oz    peg 5

3rd Ben Wilby          50lb 6oz    peg 21

Results Lake A Saturday 29th July

1st Dave Forrester           65lb 8oz    peg 16

2nd Tony Burden            55lb           peg 13

3rd Dave Markham         41lb 9oz    peg 23

Results Lake C Saturday 22nd July

1st Nigel Shipp    52lb 2oz     peg 11

2nd Tony Burden 46lb 13oz   peg 17

3rd Keith Morley40lb 12oz    peg 21

Results Lake A Saturday 15th July

(Joint 1st / 2nd)

Dave Forrester              66lb 14oz    peg 10

Tony Burden                 66lb 14oz    peg 13


Ken Bird                       64lb 2oz      peg 20

Results Lake C Saturday 8th July

1st Dave Markham         31lb 15oz     peg 9

2nd Dave Forrester         30lb 13oz     peg 15

3rd Keith Morley            29lb 7oz       peg 11

Results Lake A Saturday 1st July

1st  Dave Forrester       75lb 13oz     peg 13

2nd Tony Burden          54lb 14oz     peg 23

3rd Kevin Howard        42lb 14oz     peg 17


Results Lake C Saturday 24th June

1st Nigel Shipp           94lb 1oz    peg 15

2nd Dave Forrester     39lb 15oz  peg 12

3rd Tony Burden         38lb 5oz    peg 2

Results Lake A Saturday 17th June

1st Kevin Howard     60lb 7oz       peg 23

2nd Dave Forrester   55lb 15oz     peg 10

3rd Ken Bird             50lb 14oz     peg 20

Results Lake C Saturday 10th June

1st  Dave Forrester     55lb 10oz     peg 21

2nd Kevin Howard     48lb 5oz       peg 3

3rd Tony Burden        41lb 7oz       peg 5

Results Lake A Saturday 3rd June

1st Ken Bird           46lb 14oz       peg 15

2nd Kevin Howard 33lb 15oz       peg 10

3rd Justin Hunt      31lb 8oz          peg 13

Sec A     David Reynolds 20lb 6oz peg 5

Sec B     Richard Adams  19lb 6ozpeg 17

Results Lake C Saturday 27th May

1st  Ken Bird         51lb 12oz   peg 23

2nd Kevin Howard 45lb 11oz  peg 15

3rd Gary Bull        15lb 7oz     peg 9

Sec A  Steve Timberlake 11lb 8oz  peg 10

Sec B Richard Adams  14lb 12oz     peg 21


Results Lake A Saturday 20th May

1st Dave Forrester   78lb 4oz peg 16

2nd Kevin Howard  65lb 5oz peg 20

3rd Justin Hunt        51lb 1oz peg 8

Sec A Ken Bird       46lb 9oz peg 3

Sec B Keith Wright 16lb 5oz peg 22

1st   Ken Bird             23lb 15oz          peg 21

2nd Kevin Wilson       19lb 6oz           peg 4

3rd Kevin Howard        15lb 3oz         peg 15

Sec A   Matt Stone           9lb 8oz      peg 11

Sec B   Bob Lightowler  14lb 1oz    peg 17

Marsh Trail Lakes Festival 6th  / 7th May 2023


Day 1 (A) Lake

1st Alan Nobbs 78lb 2oz, 2nd Dave Forrester 49lb 2oz, 3rd Keith Westgate 45lb 5oz, 4th Bob Lightowler 40lb 13oz

Day 1  (C) Lake

1st Steve Kindleysides 70lb 3oz, 2nd Nigel Knights 59lb 5oz, 3rd Justin Hunt 40lb 4oz, 4th Karl Barnard 37lb 1oz

Day 2 (A) Lake

1st Steve Kindleysides 74lb 1oz, 2nd Tony Burden 62lb 3oz, 3rd Andy Page 58lb 4oz, 4th Justin Hunt 56lb 12oz

Day 2 (C) Lake

1st Bob Lightowler 51lb 10oz, 2nd Alan Nobbs 41lb 9oz, 3rd Steve Timberlake 37lb 6oz, 4th Dave Forrester 24lb 8oz


Overall positions

1st Steve Kindleysides 2 points (144lb 4oz)

2nd Alan Nobbs 3 points (119lb 11oz)

3rd Bob Lightowler 5 points (92lb 7oz)

4th Dave Forrester 6 points (73lb 10oz)

Saturday 29th April lake C

1st Dave Forrester  74lb 1oz peg 5

2nd Kevin Howard 56lb 2oz peg 17

Sec A Steve Timberlake 49lb 11oz peg 9

Sec B Nigel Knights      25lb 8oz peg 16

Saturday 22nd April lake (A)
1st Ian Bailey                       47lb 15oz  peg 11

2nd Keith Wright               44lb 12oz   peg 10

Sec (A) Eddie Davison       37lb 8oz    peg 3

Sec (B) Steve Timberlake  41lb 12oz  peg 15

Saturday 15th April lake (C)
1st Dave Forrester  52lb 1oz    peg 13

2nd Keith Wright 40lb 13oz     peg 3

3rd Bryan Bygaves 31lb 13oz     peg 22

Sec (A) Ian Bailey 23lb 7oz      peg 5

Sec (B) Nigel Knights 17lb 8oz  peg 16

1st Keith Westgate     56lb 10oz        peg 17

2nd Eddie Davison        50lb 13oz     peg 15

3rd Ken Bird                  40lb 9oz        peg 1

Sec (A) Justin Hunt       34lb 9oz       peg 5

Sec (B) Richard Adams 26lb 6oz      peg 23

Saturday 1st April Lake C

1st Tony Burden      38lb 4oz      peg 11

2nd Eddie Davison  27lb 14oz   peg 5

3rd Bob Lightowler 27lb 5oz     peg 9

Saturday 18th March lake C

1st Eddie Davison         31lb 13oz peg 3

2nd Bob Lightowler      28lb 15oz peg 11

Sec (A) Dave Forrester 25lb 7oz   peg 9

Sec (B) Keith Wright    14lb 4oz   peg 16

Saturday 11th March Lake A

1st Tony Burden 19lb 10oz peg 10

2nd Brian Sunderland 8lb 3oz peg 22

3rd Dougie Wingrove 5lb 13oz peg 1

Saturday 4th March Lake C

1st Jamie Forrester       32lb 7oz peg 11

2nd Dougie Wingrove 32lb 4oz peg 16

Sect (A) Steve Timberlake 22lb 3oz peg 4

Sect (B) David Reynolds     2lb 9oz peg 13

Saturday 25th February lake A

1st David Reynolds 24lb peg 17

2nd kevin Wilson   16lb 9oz peg 8

3rd Tony Burden     6lb 11oz peg 16

Saturday 18th February lake C

1st Tony Burden    52lb 2oz peg 4

2nd Kevin Wilson 42lb         peg 11

3rd Keith Morley  25lb 8oz  peg 17

Sec A Dave Forrester 21lb 9oz  peg 13

Sec B Ove Jinkerson  10lb 12oz peg 22

Saturday 11th February lake A

1st Doug Wingrove 23lb 14oz peg 8

2nd Tony Burden 1lb 8oz peg 13

Sec A Bob Lightowler 6lb 12oz peg 11

Sec B Steve Timberlake 12lb 10oz peg 23

Saturday 4th February lake C

1st  Kevin Wilson  37lb 12oz peg 11

2nd Keith Morley 25lb 4oz   peg 9

Sec A Bob Lightowler 13lb 2oz peg 13

Sec B Ken Bird 20lb 12oz           peg 21

Saturday 28th January Lake C

1st Steve Timberlake  21lb 4oz peg 15

2nd Ken Bird              6lb 8oz   peg 20

Section A Dave Forrester  3lb 7oz       peg  1

Section B Kevin Wilson    4lb 14oz     peg 16

Saturday 7th January Lake A
1st Dave Forrester     32lb 11oz   peg  13
2nd Ken Bird              29lb 10oz   peg   17
Sect A  Keith Wright 29lb 1oz     peg   8
Sect B Alan Wright   13lb 6oz      peg  30

Saturday 3rd December lake A
1st Kevin (Shirley) Howard 18lb        peg 5
2nd Dave Forrester              16lb 4oz  peg 13
Sec A Adrain Hindry            2lb 7oz    peg 3
Sec B Ken Bird                      7lb 9oz     peg 15

Saturday 26th November Lake C
1st Adrain Hindry   27lb 15oz peg 21
2nd Dave Forrester 27lb 1oz   peg 11
3rd Ken Bird            15lb 12oz peg 13
Sec A David Reynolds 10lb 5oz peg 4
Sec B Keith Wright       15lb 4oz peg 17

Saturday 19th November lake A
1st Ken Bird          40lb 9oz peg 3
2nd Tony Burden 28lb 5oz peg 23 
Sec A Dave Forrester 14lb 12oz peg 1
Sec B Jamie Forrester 11lb 9oz  peg 17

Saturday 12th November Lake C
1st Dave Forrester 22lb 7oz peg 21
2nd Alan Nobbs  18lb 12oz peg 17
3rd Justin Hunt    15lb 3oz peg 16 

Saturday 5th November lake A
1st Bob Lightowler   11lb 4oz  peg 10
2nd Ken Bird          10lb 2oz peg 15
Sec A Tony Burden  8lb 1oz   peg 13
Sec B  Dave Forreter 5lb 7oz  peg 20

Saturday 29th October lake C
1st Tony Burden 49lb 13oz peg 11
2nd Ken Bird 49lb 6oz peg 16
Section A Dave Forrester 47lb 3oz peg 5
Section B David Reynolds 16lb 13oz peg 17

Saturday 22nd October Lake A
1st  Ken Bird           36lb 5oz  peg 23
2nd Kevn Knights 19lb 13oz peg 14
Sec (A) Justin Hunt 10lb 13oz peg 10
Sec (B) Simon Buggs 4lb 4oz  peg 13

Saturday 15th October Lake C
1st Dave Forrester    85lb 11oz        peg 11
2nd Ken Bird 39lb 12oz                    peg 21
Sec (A) Jamie Forrester  34lb 5oz   peg 5
Sec (B) Ove Jinkerson    26lb 5oz    peg 15

Saturday 8th October lake A
1st Dave Forrester 36lb 13oz peg 16
2nd Dennis Howes 25lb 3oz peg  12
3rd Ken Bird             16lb 4oz peg 20

Saturday 1st October Lake C
1st Bob Lightowler       27lb 5oz    peg 17
2nd Steve Timberlake  19lb 12oz peg 15
3rd  Ken Bird                 19lb 8oz    peg 5

Saturday 24th September Lake A
1st Dave Forrester  63lb 9oz peg 15
2nd Ken Bird          22lb 15oz peg 3

Saturday 17th September lake C
1st Paul Platten    30lb 5oz    peg 11
2nd Ken Bird         28lb 8oz    peg 9
3rd Tony Burden  28lb 6oz     peg 20
Sec A Colin Raine 20lb 15oz  peg 4
Sec B Ben Eldon   27lb 6oz    peg 17

Saturday 10th September Lake A
1st Tony Burden      37lb 10oz      peg 11
2nd Ken Bird            36lb               peg 17
3rd Dave Forrester  29lb 12oz      peg 10

Saturday 3rd September Lake C
1st Dave Forrester       41lb 9oz    peg 13
2nd Steve Timberlake 38lb 15oz peg 5
3rd Richard Adams      29lb 8oz   peg 23

Saturday 27th August Lake A
1st Dave Forrester 38lb peg 16
2nd Tony Burden 32lb 14oz peg 10
3rd Richard Adams 22lb 3oz peg 21

Saturday 20th August lake C
1st Ken Bird          39lb 8oz   peg 11
2nd Ben Eldon     25lb 6oz    peg 9
3rd Tony Burden 23lb 12oz  peg 15 

Saturday 13th August Lake A
1st Ken Bird          40lb 2oz     peg 21
2nd Tony Burden 17lb 11oz   peg 23
3rd Ben Eldon      13lb 14oz   peg 3

Saturday 6th August Lake C
1st Bob Lightowler      41lb 1oz peg 16
2nd Richard Adams    27lb 9oz peg 10
3rd Steve Timberlake 18lb 5oz peg 5

Saturday 30th July Lake A
1st Dave Forrester   38lb 7oz     peg 20
2nd Dennis Howes  36lb 2oz    peg 18
3rd Bob Lightowler 32lb 14oz  peg 3 

Saturday 23rd July lake C
1st   Justin Hunt 27lb 8oz  peg 11
2nd Ian Pete     27lb 4oz peg 4
3rd  Steve Timberlake peg 21 

Saturday 16th July lake A
1st Dave Forrester      20lb 1oz    peg 3
2nd Ken Bird               16lb 1oz   peg 10
3rd Ben Eldon             10lb 11oz  peg 15

Saturday 9th July Lake C
1st Bob Lightowler 40lb 11oz peg 5
2nd John Bagley      10lb 4oz   peg 11
3rd Ben Eldon          9lb 3oz    peg 17 

Saturday 2nd July lake A
1st Ben Eldon          38lb 2oz    peg 15
2nd Dave Forrester 29lb 14oz peg 17
3rd Colin Raine       19lb 2oz   peg 23

Saturday 25th June lake C
1st  Ben  Eldon          53lb 1oz    peg 21
2nd Bob Lghtowler  27lb 15oz  peg 10
3rd  Dave Forrester  13lb  13oz peg 16

Saturday 18th June Lake A
1st Ben Eldon            24lb 3oz peg 3 
2nd Bob Lightowler 22lb 7oz peg 23
3rd Rchard Adams   9lb 14oz peg 13 

Saturday 11th June lake C
1st Justin Hunt         20lb 1oz   peg 5
2nd Brian Bygraves 18lb 14oz peg 3 
3rd  Bob Lightower 16lb 8oz   peg 10
Sec A Keith Wright 9lb 15oz    peg 13
Sec B Ken Bird        14lb            peg 20

Saturday 4th June lake A
1st Ken Bird              28lb 11oz peg 17
2nd Justin Hunt       18lb           peg 13
3rd Bob Lightower  17lb 14oz peg 10

Saturday 28th May lake C
1st Eddie Davison      28lb 1oz    peg 15
2nd Shaun Lake          23lb 13oz peg 21
3rd David Reynolds    20lb 5oz   peg 12

Saturday 21st May Lake A
1st Ken Bird               32lb 10oz peg 17
2nd Dave Forrester   17lb 1oz peg 23
sec A Dennis Howes 8lb 12oz 
sec B Ben Eldon       11lb 9oz peg 14

Saturday 14th May Lake C
1st Dave Forrester     28lb 11oz peg 18
2nd Eddie Davison    17lb 12oz peg 5
Sec A Nigel Knights  17lb 3oz    peg 10
Sec B Ben Eldon       16lb 9oz     peg 23 

Saturday 7th May Lake A
1st David Reynolds   38lb 2oz    peg 14
2nd Justin Hunt         23lb 12oz peg 23
Sec A Nigel Knights  19lb           peg 10
Sec B Dave Forrester 23lb         peg 20

Saturday 30th April Lake C
1st Dave Forrester  22lb 5oz   peg 15
2nd Eddie Davison 21lb 11oz peg 12
3rd Kevin Wilson   12lb           peg 23

Saturday 23rd April lake A
1st Justin Hunt             39lb 2oz    peg 3
2nd Dave Forrester     34lb 11oz peg 12
Sec A Eddie Davision 17lb 10oz peg 1
Sec B Ken Bird             19lb 9oz    peg 16

Saturday 16th April Lake C
1st David Reynolds 23lb peg 7
2nd Ben Eldon  14lb 3oz peg 17
3rd Bob Lightower  13lb 14oz peg 5
Sec A Dave Forrester 8lb 10oz peg 4
Sec B Kevin Wilson 11lb 2oz peg 15

Saturday 9th April lake A
1st David Reynolds  25lb 10oz peg 16
2nd Justin Hunt        19lb 8oz  peg 23
3rd Dave Forrester   17lb 3oz   peg 11
Sec A Steve Timberlake   6lb 5oz peg 3
Sec B Eddie Davison       14lb 1oz peg 15

Saturday 2nd April Lake C
1st Kevin Wilson  14lb 4oz    peg 21
2nd Nigel Knights 13lb 5oz   peg 10
3rd Coln Raine      12lb 13oz peg 17

Saturday 26th March Lake A
1st Dave Forrester  15lb 8oz       peg 2
2nd Nigel Knights  12lb 7oz       peg 23
Sec A  Eddie Davison 11lb 6oz  peg 11
Sec B  Brian Bygraves 9lb 9oz   peg 20

Saturday 19th March Lake C
1st Dave Forrester  18lb 3oz    peg 3
2nd Ken Bird            16lb 15oz peg 5
Sec A Nigel Knights 12lb 2oz  peg 11
Sec B Tony Burden  15lb 9oz  peg 17

Saturday 12th March lake A
1st Dave Forrester 27lb 5oz   peg 16
2nd Nigel Knights 22lb 14oz  peg 14
Sec A Peter Jackson 19lb 1oz peg 1
Sec B Edde Davison 13lb 4oz peg 17

Saturday 5th March Lake C
1st Ben Eldon          25lb 9oz  peg 5
2nd Kevin Wilson  11lb 6oz  peg 11
3rd Dave Forrester 11lb         peg 17

Saturday 26th February lake A
1st Steve Timberlake  9lb 3oz peg 20
2nd Dennis Howes     8lb 4oz peg 16
3rd Eddie Davison     8lb 3oz  peg 22
Sec (A)      Tony Gibbons 7lb peg 3
Sec (B)      Kevin Wilson  1lb 15oz

Saturday 19th February  Lake C
1st Nigel Knights     9lb 10oz peg 21
2nd Eddie Davison  7lb 5oz peg 4
3rd David Reynolds 4lb 6oz peg 6

Saturday 12th February Lake A
1st Kevin Knights 11lb 1oz    peg 23
Joint 2nd /3rd 
Ken Bird                  10lb 9oz   peg 13
Eddie Davison        10lb 9oz   peg 20

Joint Section (A) 
Kevin Wilson         8lb             peg 1
Tony Burden          8lb             peg 5

Section (B) 
Dave Forrester      8lb             peg 22

Saturday 5th February Lake C
1st Nigel Knights  10lb 7oz peg 16
2nd Kevin Wilson 10lb        peg 4
3rd Kevin Knights 9lb 1oz  peg 17 

Saturday 29th January Lake A
1st Steve Timberlake  12lb 1oz peg 20
2nd Eddie Davison      10lb 9oz peg 13
3rd John Catchpole      10lb 1oz peg 15
Sec A Nigel Knights     7lb 5oz   peg 11
Sec B Ken Bird              5lb 11oz peg 22

Saturday 22nd January Lake C
1st Douggie Wingrove  19lb 4oz   peg 5
2nd Dave Forrester        6lb 8oz    peg 21 
3rd Colin Raine              3lb 8oz     peg 11

Saturday 15th January Lake A
1st Eddie Davison  13lb 8oz   peg 22
2nd Doug Wingrove 8lb 8oz peg 1
Joint 3rd Ken Bird / Colin Raine
6lb 3oz pegs 3 & 23 

Saturday 8th January Lake C
1st    Nigel Knights     9lb 9oz  peg 21
2nd  Doug Wingrove 8lb 5oz  peg 16
3rd  Dave Forrester   7lb 14oz peg 17

Saturday 18th December lake A
1st Eddie Davison     13lb 12oz peg 13
2nd John Catchpole  10lb 11oz peg 5
3rd Dave Forrester    7lb 4oz     peg 10

Saturday 4th December Lake A
1st John Adams       9lb 9oz peg 23
2nd Kevin Howard 5lb 15oz peg 10
3rd Nigel Knights   5lb 14oz peg  20

Saturday 27th November Lake C
1st Dave Forrester 19lb 2oz peg 16
2nd Ken Bird 4lb 13oz peg 7
3rd Dougie Wingrove  peg 23

Saturday 20th November 2021
1st     Ken Bird           18lb 14oz peg 23
2nd   Kevin Howard 14lb 2oz peg 15
3rd    Mal Runacres 10lb 15oz peg 20

Saturday 13th November lake C

1st Dave Forrester         17lb 9oz peg 10
2nd Steve Timberlake 14lb 15oz peg 21
3rd Ash Welsh               9lb 9oz peg    17 






Saturday 6th November Lake A

1st Dave Forrester 17lb 12oz peg  15

2nd Justin Hunt 8lb 9oz peg 13

3rd Kevin Howard 8lb 4oz peg 17

Sec A Mal Runacres 2lb peg 5

Sec B Richard Adams 7lb 13oz peg 22

Saturday 30th October lake C

1st Dave Forrester 39lb 10oz peg 11

2nd Ben Eldon 31lb 14oz peg 16

Sec A Kevin Howard 14lb 14oz peg 4

Sec B  Dougie Wingrove 24lb peg 21

Sunday 23rd October lake C

1st Kevin Howard  13lb 10oz peg 23

2nd Colin Raine     10lb 15oz peg 2

3rd Dave Forrester 10lb peg 14

Sec (A) Neil Gibbens 9lb 14oz peg 11

Sec (B) Ian Pete / Dave Reynolds 7lb 2oz

Saturday 16th October lake C

Ken Bird            31lb 9oz peg 17

Dave Forrester 29lb 2oz peg 4

Sec (A) Richard Adams 15lb 3oz peg 10

Sec  (B) Justin Hunt       17lb 7oz peg 21


Saturday 9th October lake A

1st Ben Eldon 51lb 3oz

2nd Dave Forrester 27lb 10oz

Sec A  karl Norman 26lb 

Sec B   Ken Bird 13lb 8oz

Saturday 2nd October lake C 

Ben Eldon 60lb 8oz

2nd Dave Forrester 25lb 5oz

3rd Ove Jinkerson 18lb 13oz

Saturday 19th June lake A

1st Tony Burden       72lb 10oz peg 11

2nd Richard Adams 43lb 4oz peg 1

Sec A Paul Platten    39lb 4oz peg 5

Sec B Dave Forrester 41lb 5oz peg 22

Saturday 12th June 2021 Lake C

1st     Ben Eldon         89lb 

2nd  Terry Gissing     76lb 3oz

3rd     Gary Bull         70lb 11oz

Sec A Eddie Davison   68lb 12oz

Sec B  Chris Johnson   59lb 5oz

Saturday 5th June 2021 Lake A

1st   Dave Forrester 27lb 8oz  peg 5

2nd Richard Baker 25lb 10oz peg 16

3rd  Nigel Knights  21lb 13oz   peg  22

Sec A Dennis Howes 19lb 13oz  peg 13

Sec B  Eddie Davison 17lb 13oz peg 14

Saturday 29th May Lake C

1st  Nigel Shipp           91lb 4oz peg 13

2nd Stephen Ashford 68lb 1oz peg 3

3rd Chris Johnson    67lb 12oz  peg 9

Sec A Lee Lightfoot 56lb 3oz peg 10

Sec B Ben Wilby       60lb 9oz peg 22

Saturday 22nd May Lake A

1st Shaun Lake          43lb 10oz

2nd Nigel Shipp         38lb 2oz

3rd David Reynolds  35lb 3oz

Sec A Nigel Knights  32lb 10oz

Sec B Dave Forrester 13lb 6oz

Saturday 15th May lake C

1st Terry Gissing   61lb 7oz peg 16

2nd lee Lightfoot  48lb 5oz peg 15

3rd Paul Platten      32lb 7oz peg 4

Sec A Gary Bull       21lb 15oz peg 5

Sec B karl Norman 25lb 9oz peg 21

Saturday 8th May Lake A

1st   Dave Forrester  63lb 8oz

2nd Karl Norman    42lb 4oz

3rd  Paul Platten     40lb 15oz 

Sat 1st - Sun 2nd May 2021

Two day Festival  

Day 1 Lake A

1st Justin Hunt 31lb 14oz, 2nd Andrew Dereing 24lb, 3rd Terry Gissing 21lb 10oz, 4th Karl Norman 19lb 3oz

Day 1 lake C

1st Jake Mc Dowell 60lb 5oz, 2nd Adam Todd 55lb 5oz, 3rd Ben Eldon 41lb 12oz, 4th Chris Knights 41lb

Day 2 lake A

1st Dave Forrester 35lb 4oz, 2nd ken Bird 31lb 12oz, 3rd Paul Platten 28lb 4oz, 4th Eddie Davison 19lb 6oz

Day 2 Lake C

Richard Baker 53lb 10oz, 2nd Terry Gissing 28lb 11oz, 3rd Justin Hunt 27lb 5oz, 4th Karl Norman 25lb 6oz


Top five positions over the  two days

1st Justin Hunt              4 Points  59lb 3oz

2nd Terry Gissing         5 Points  50lb 5oz

3rd Adam Todd             8 Points  68lb 8oz

4th Dave Forrester        8 Points  61lb 15oz

5th Andrew Dereing     8 Points  45lb 6oz

Saturday 24th April lake A

1st John Catchpole 34lb 8oz

2nd Nigel Shipp     33lb 15oz

3rd Terry Gissing   26lb 8oz

Sec (A) Kevin Howard 24lb 15oz

Sec (B) Ken Bird         22lb 14oz

Saturday 17th April lake C

1st Nigel Shipp      56lb 10oz

2nd Eddie Davison 49lb 4oz

3rd Lee Lightfoot   40lb 2oz

Sec A Nigel Knights 15lb 9oz

Sec C Philip Trevor   22lb 11oz

Saturday 10th April lake A

1st Karl Norman      33lb 13oz

2nd Andy Page        27lb 12oz

3rd  Dave Forrester 24lb 14oz

Sec A Tony Burden     22lb 9oz

Sec B John Catchpole 18lb 14oz

Saturday 3rd April 2021 Lake C

1st Jake McDowell       31lb 

2nd Dave Forrester       25lb 9oz

3rd Chris kelly              22lb 3oz

Sec A Adrain Hindry    15lb 4oz

Sec B Ben Wilby          15lb 6oz


Saturday 19th December Lake C

1st Nigel Shipp           39lb 3oz

2nd Justin Hunt          32lb 2oz

3rd Dave Forrester     24lb 15oz

Sec A Tony Burden    17lb 5oz

Sec B  Adrian Hindry 24lb 6oz

Saturday 12th December Lake A

1st Justin Hunt          19lb 15oz

2nd Dave Forrester   18lb 1oz

3rd Eddie Davison    16lb 3oz

Sec A Karl Norman  14lb 11oz

Sec B Richard Baker 11lb 3oz

Saturday 5th December Lake C

1st Paul Platten         13lb 13oz

2nd Justin Hunt         6lb 15oz

3rd  Eddie Davison   5lb 15oz

Saturday 31st October lake A

1st Dennis Howes  21lb 15oz

2nd Justin Hunt     15lb 1oz

3rd Ken Bird         14lb 4oz

Saturday 24th October lake (C)

1st Gary Bull              48lb 13oz

2nd Martin Waters      45lb 6oz

3rd Eddie Davison      41lb 4oz

Sec A Karl Norman    33lb 6oz

Sec B Kierren Waters 31lb 15oz

Saturday 17th October lake A

1st Stuart Thornton     43lb 13oz

2nd Karl Norman        39lb 2oz

3rd Dave Forrester      23lb 14oz

Sec (A) Ben Eldon      20lb 3oz

Sec (B) Lee Lightfoot 23lb 9oz


Marsh Trail Lakes Festival
Saturday 10th / Sunday 11th October

Day 1 Lake (A)

1st Terry Gissing           51lb 9oz
2nd Simon Hailey         30lb 5oz
3rd Gary Bull                23lb 4oz

Day 1 Lake (C)

1st Eddie Davison           43lb 12oz
2nd Lee Lightfoot           25lb 2oz
3rd Ben Eldon                 24lb 2oz

Day 2 Lake (A)

1st Dave Forrester            41lb 13oz
2nd Nigel Shipp               34lb 10oz
3rd Kevin Howard           30lb 11oz

Day 2 Lake (C)

1st Terry Gissing             56lb 4oz
2nd Nigel Knights           50lb 8oz
3rd Martin Waters           45lb 4oz

Top Five Places over the Two Days

1st Terry Gissing    107lb 13oz  (2 Points)
2nd Nigel Shipp      56lb 11oz   (6 Points)
3rd Eddie Davison  60lb 5oz     (7 Points)
4th Dave Forrester  59lb 10oz   (8 Points)
5th Kevin Howard  52lb 2oz     (8 Points)

Saturday 3rd October Lake A

1st Karl Norman     55lb 

2nd Colin Raine      41lb 1oz

3rd Tony Burden     37lb 1oz

Sec A Dan Elliott    31lb 15oz

Sec B Neil Gibbons 20lb 14oz

Saturday 26th Sept Lake C

1st Lee Lightfoot   49lb 10oz

2nd Richard Baker 42lb 11oz

3rd Ben Eldon        38lb 12oz

Sec A Dave Forrester 32lb 14oz

Sec B Nigel Shipp      28lb 11oz

Saturday 19th Sept Lake A

1st Ben Eldon         39lb 15oz

2nd Ken Bird          38lb 2oz

3rd Richard Baker  31lb 1oz

Sec A Lee Lightfoot 29lb 3oz

Sec B Tony Burden  27lb 11oz

Saturday 12th Sept Lake C

1st Lee Lightfoot   52lb 14oz

2nd Richard Baker 44lb 4oz

3rd Terry Gissing   37lb 13oz

Sec A Hilton Kemp     35lb 11oz

Sec B Richard Adams 26lb 4oz

Saturday 5th Sept Lake A

1st Richard Baker 45lb 13oz

2nd Lee Lightfoot 35lb 12oz

Sec A Ove Jinkerson 30lb 11oz

Sec B Paul Platten     30lb 9oz

Friday 4th Sept Lake C

1st Shaun Lake 97lb 1oz

2nd Paul Laws 92lb 12oz

3rd Alan Mills 62lb 

Monday 1st Sept Lake C

1st Neville Cook 120lb 11oz

2nd Alan Nobbs  113lb 13oz

3rd Paul Laws     73lb 7oz

Saturday 29th Lake C

1st Lee Lightfoot      82lb 8oz

2nd Ove Jinkerson    56lb 3oz

3rd Stuart Johnson    50lb 7oz

Sec A Terry Gissing  43lb 13oz

Sec B Dave Forrester 47lb 6oz

Saturday 22nd lake A

1st Paul Platten        78lb 6oz

2nd  Richard Baker  56lb 15oz

3rd Jamie Taylor      54lb 15oz

Sec A Ken Bird        30lb 3oz

Sec B Karl Norman 48lb 3oz

Saturday 15th August Lake C

1st Terry Gissing   56lb 3oz

2nd Lee Lightfoot 48lb 3oz

3rd Jamie Taylor   44lb 15oz

Sec A Stephen Ashford 31lb 2oz

Sec B Gary Bull            41lb 15oz

Saturday 8th August Lake A

1st   Lee Lightfoot    59lb 9oz

2nd  Dennis Howes  39lb 6oz

3rd  Jamie Taylor      32lb 8oz     

Sec A Richard Baker 27lb 11oz

Sec B Dave Forrester 12lb 10oz

Saturday 1st August Lake C

1st Jamie Taylor   72lb 11oz

2nd Karl Norman 63lb 9oz

3rd Colin Raine   60lb 7oz

Sec A Andy Page     52lb 6oz

Sec B Lee Lightfoot 48lb 14oz

Saturday 25th July Lake A

1st Jamie Taylor   39lb 14oz

2nd Karl Norman 34lb 15oz

3rd Gary Bull       29lb 1oz

Sec A Dennis Howes 18lb 7oz

Sec B Lee Lightfoot   27lb 12oz

Saturday 18th July Lake C

1st Terry Gissing    69lb 5oz

2nd Lee Lightfoot  68lb 6oz

3rd Richard Baker  45lb 6oz

Sec A Keith Morley 42lb 5oz

Sec B Gary Bull       35lb 11oz

Saturday 11th July Lake A

1st Nigel Knights       42lb 8oz

2nd Dave Forrester    39lb 11oz

3rd Karl Norman       24lb 10oz

Saturday 4th July Lake C

1st Stephen Ashford 76lb 8oz

2nd lee Lightfoot     55lb 3oz

3rd Tony Burden     51lb 6oz

Sec (A) Alan Nobbs      25lb 12oz

Sec (C) Kerrien Waters 45lb 2oz

Saturday 27th June Lake A

1st Lee Lightfoot   38lb 5oz

2nd Shaun Lake     31lb 7oz

3rd Kevin Howard 31lb 1oz

Sec A Damien Moore 23lb 10oz

Sec B Dave Forrester 17lb 8oz

Saturday 20th June Lake C

1st Eddie Davison 69lb 7oz

2nd Ben Eldon      52lb 14oz

3rd Richard Baker 42lb 2oz

Sec A Lee Lightfoot 33lb 13oz

Sec B Colin Raine    39lb 12oz

Saturday 21st March Lake C

1st Justin Hunt      33lb 8oz

2nd Mal Runacres 30lb 1oz

3rd Gary Bull        24lb 

Sec A Tony Burden     12lb 12oz

Sec B Martyn Redfern 22lb 3oz

Saturday 14th March lake A

1st Kevin Howard 33lb 15oz

2nd Karl Norman  30lb 9oz 

Sec A Justin Hunt   17lb 8oz

Sec B Tony Burden 21lb 2oz

Saturday 7th March Lake C

1st Lee Lightfoot    30lb 8oz

2nd Tony Burden    26lb 14oz

3rd Dave Forrester  22lb 13oz

Sec A Terry Gissing 17lb 3oz

Sec B Keith Morley 19lb 1oz


Saturday 29th February lake A

1st John Dale        32lb 7oz

2nd Lee Lightfoot 28lb 12oz

3rd Nigel Knights 18lb 14oz

Sec A Karl Norman 18lb 7oz

Sec B Eddie Davison 16lb 9oz

Saturday 22nd February Lake C

1st Tony Burden     78lb 11oz

2nd Hilton Kemp    49lb 11oz

3rd Kevin Howard  40lb 13oz

Saturday 15th February lake A

1st Ben Eldon         24lb 9oz

2nd Dave Forrester 21lb 11oz

3rd Nigel Knights   20lb 4oz

Saturday 8th February Lake C

1st Ben Eldon          25lb 9oz

2nd Richard Adams 22lb 3oz

3rd Eddie Davison   22 lb 

Sec A Dave Forrester 15lb 11oz 

Sec B Karl Norman    16lb 3oz

Saturday 25th January Lake A

1st Ken Bird       47lb 9oz

2nd Ben Eldon    37lb 6oz

3rd Tony Burden 33lb 4oz

Sec A Mal Runacres 22lb 1oz

Sec B Justin Hunt     17lb 7oz

Saturdy 18th January Lake C

1st Karl Norman       35lb 14oz

2nd Eddie Davison    17lb 6oz

3rd Lee Lightfoot      11lb 

Sec A Gary Bull        10lb 7oz

Sec B Dave Forrester 9lb 7oz

Saturday 11th January Lake A

1st Lee Lightfoot 48lb 1oz

2nd Tony Burden 34lb 

3rd Mal Runacres 28lb 1oz

Sec A Eddie Davison 20lb 2oz

Sec B Ken Bird          13lb 5oz

Saturday 4th January Lake C

1st Justin Hunt        33lb 2oz

2nd Phil Trevor       25lb 13oz

3rd Karl  Norman    20lb 14oz

Sec A Glen Burden 13lb 10oz

Sec B Cliff Morley 19lb 1oz


Saturday 28th December Lake A

1st Colin Raine        25lb 

2nd Richard Adams 24lb 8oz

3rd Tony Burden      23lb 2oz

Sec A Keith Morley 22lb 7oz

Sec B Justin Hunt    13lb 11oz

Saturday 21st Decenber Lake C

1st Lee Lightfoot   39lb 7oz

2nd Ove Jinkerson 30lb 1oz

3rd Karl Norman     28lb 10oz

Sec A Tony Burden 22lb 15oz

Sec B Neil Gibbons 26lb 9oz

Saturday 14th December lake A

1st Neil Gibbons      33lb 2oz

2nd Tony Burden     26lb 8oz

3rd  Ove Jinkerson  10lb 

Saturday 7th December Lake C

1st Eddie Davison 32lb 4oz

2nd Shaun Lake     28lb 5oz

3rd Lee Lightfoot   27lb

Sec A Cliff Morley  21lb 4oz 

Sec B Terry Gissing 24lb 

Saturday 30th November Lake A

1st Lee Lightfoot   25lb 8oz

2nd Nigel Knights 22lb 8oz

3rd Billy Hughes   16lb 8oz

Sec (A) Tony Burden   14lb 2oz

Sec (B) Richard Baker 12lb 7oz

Saturday 23rd November Lake C

1st Andy Page         44lb 10oz

2nd Eddie Davison 33lb 10oz

3rd Tony Burden     32lb 15oz

Sect (A) Lee Lightfoot    19lb 8oz

Sect (B) Richard Adams 24lb 10oz

Saturday 16th November  lake A

1st Tony Burden 41lb 7oz

2nd Ben Eldon    31lb 1oz

3rd Shaun Lake  21lb 11oz

Saturday 9th November Lake C

1st Andy Page          25lb 9oz

2nd Ken Bird            21b 10oz

3rd David Reynolds 18lb 13oz

Sec (A) Richard Baker 16lb 5oz

Sec (B) Ben Eldon        16lb 9oz

Saturday 2nd November Lake A

1st Dave Forrester 50lb 11oz

2nd Karl Norman   42lb 11oz

3rd Tony Burden    39lb 4oz

Sec (A) Gary Bull         22lb 6oz

Sec (B) Eddie Davison 17lb 9oz

Saturday 26th October Lake (C)

1st Ben Eldon           91lb 7oz

2nd Dave Forrester   52lb 3oz

3rd Lee Lightfoot     49lb 10oz

Sec A Eddie Davison 37lb 9oz

Sec B Keith Morley   17lb 15oz

Saturday 19th October Lake A

1st   Ben Eldon 55lb 

2nd Karl Norman 43lb 

3rd  Keith Morley 35lb 4oz

Marsh Trail lakes Festival

12th /13th October

Day 1 Lake A

1st Tony Burden 42lb 9oz,

2nd Nigel Shipp 29lb 2oz,

3rd Kierren Waters 25lb 12oz.

Day 1 Lake C

1st Lee Lightfoot 94lb 15oz.

2nd Dan Elliott 89lb 12oz,

3rd Jim Barrowman 71lb 6oz

Day 2 Lake A

1st Lee Lightfoot 115lb 7oz,

2nd Jim Barrowman 54lb 13oz,

3rd Richard Baker 33lb 8oz

Day 2 Lake C

1st Damien Moore 91lb 15oz,

2nd Kierren Waters 70lb 7oz,

3rd Shaun lake 67lb 14oz


Overall Top Five Positions

1st  Lee lightfoot          

(2 points) 210lb 6oz

2nd Jim Barrowman          

(5 points) 126lb 3oz

3rd Kierren Waters          

(5 points) 96lb 3oz

4th Dan Elliott                 

(7 points) 117lb 11oz

5th Shaun Lake          

(8 points) 92lb 9oz

Saturday 28th September lake C

1st Lee Lightfoot   71lb 

2nd Karl Norman  63lb 5oz

3rd Shaun lake      63lb 1oz

Sec (A)  Dave Forrester  54lb 

Sec (B)  Ben Eldon         57lb 3oz

Saturday 21st September Lake A

1st Lee Lightfoot   60lb 4oz

2nd Karl Norman 54lb 11oz

3rd Andy Page      42lb 2oz

Sec (A) Nigel Shipp   24lb 10oz

Sec (B) Hilton Kemp 21lb 6oz

Saturday 14th September Lake C

1st Dave Forrester 71lb 10oz

2nd Lee Lightfoot  49lb 2oz

3rd Gary Bull         34lb 9oz

Sec (A) Ben Eldon        29lb 5oz

Sec (B) Richard Baker  26lb 4oz

Saturday 7th September Lake A

1st Glen Burden 57lb 13oz

2nd Dave Forrester 56lb 15oz

3rd Karl Norman 56lb 9oz

Sec (A) Gary Bull 28lb 8oz

Sec (B) Dennis Howes 27lb 5oz


Saturday 31st August Lake C

1st Richard Baker 72lb 4oz

2nd Glen Burden  63lb 11oz

3rd Dave Forrester 61lb 15oz

Sec (A) Karl Norman 47lb 3oz

Sec (B) Andy Page 60lb 5oz 

Saturday 24th August Lake A

1st Phiip Trevor  55lb 5oz

2nd Glen Burden 55lb 1oz

3rd Cliff Morley  30lb 14oz

Sec (A) Kevin Howard 25lb 10oz

Sec (B) Karl Norman   30lb 14oz

Saturday 17th August Lake C

1st Karl Norman    88lb 9oz

2nd Martin Waters 63lb 

3rd Gary Bull         54lb 1oz

Sec (A) Terry Gissing    49lb 2oz

Sec (B) Richard Adams 46lb 4oz

Saturday 10th August Lake A

1st Lee Lightfoot   75lb 5oz

2nd Ove Jinkerson 51lb 8oz

3rd Tony Burden    45lb 7oz

Sec (A) Dave Forrester 23lb 6oz

Sec (B) Martin Waters  23lb 6oz

Saturday 3rd August lake C

1st Richard Baker 81lb 9oz

2nd Karl Norman 46lb 11oz

3rd Tony Burden  44lb 9oz

Sec (A) Martin Waters 43lb 

Sec (B) Alan Nobbs       41lb 12oz

Saturday 27th July Lake A

Dennis Howes     39lb 10oz

Kevin Howard    30lb 6oz

Philip Trevor      30lb 3oz

Sec (A) Jim Barrowman 24lb 14oz

Sec (B) Terry Gissing      21lb 2oz

Saturday 20th July Lake C

1st Lee Lightfoot        79lb 7oz

2nd Alan Nobbs         59lb 4oz

3rd Andrew Dearing  50lb 14oz

Sec (A)  Ben Eldon    49lb 10oz

Sec (B) Tony Burden 40lb 9oz

Saturday 13th July Lake A

1st Karl Norman     92lb 3oz

2nd Dave Forrester 65lb 2oz

3rd Gary Bull          60lb 9oz

Sec (A) Tony Burden    53lb 14oz

Sec (B) Richard Baker  60lb 8oz

Saturday 6th July Lake C

1st Nigel Shipp         48lb 15oz

2nd Karl Norman     45lb 5oz

3rd Richard Baker   44lb 9oz

Sec (A) Andy Page        38lb 11oz

Sec (B) Kieran Waters  33lb 10oz

Saturday 29th  June lake A

1st lee Lightfoot       80lb 12oz

2nd Richard Baker   58lb 14oz

3rd Shaun Lake        45lb 3oz

Sec (A) Ben Eldon      33lb 2oz

Sec (B) Keith Morley 33lb 12oz

Saturday 22nd June Lake C

1st Alan Nobbs        61lb 8oz

2nd Kerian Waters   56lb 8oz

3rd Andy Page         48lb 11oz

Sec (A) Simon Hailey 43lb 15oz

Sec (B) Shaun Lake    37lb 7oz

Saturday 15th June Lake A

1st Lee Lightfoot     83lb 13oz

2nd Richard Baker   33lb 11oz

3rd Ben Eldon         27lb 2oz

Sec (A) Ken Bird         21lb 

Sec (B) Mal Runacres 23lb 14oz

Saturday 8th June Lake C

1st Ben Eldon         70lb 6oz

2nd Richard Baker 61lb 3oz

3rd Kerian Waters  60lb 14oz

Sec (A) Stephen Ashford  55lb 

Sec (B) Simon Hailey     32lb 7oz

Saturday 1st June lake A

1st Shaun Lake 60lb 13oz

2nd Phil Trevor 42lb 12oz

3rd Colin Raine 36lb 6oz

Sec (A) Lee Lightfoot 24lb 

Sec (B) Keith Morley 30lb 2oz

Saturday 25th May Lake C

1st Lee Lightfoot 64lb 1oz

2nd Karl Norman 50lb 2oz

3rd Dave Forrester 44lb 9oz

Sec (A) Keith Morley 42lb 7oz

Sec (B) Nigel Shipp 29lb 2oz

Saturday 18th May Lake (A)

1st Cliff Pilott       45lb 5oz

2nd Shaun Lake    32lb 13oz

3rd Eddie Davison 26lb 4oz

Sec (A) Richard Baker 18lb 10oz

Sec (B) Chris Colby     20lb 3oz

Saturday 11th May Lake ( C )

1st Nigel Shipp     54lb 12oz

2nd Lee Lightfoot 45lb 14oz

3rd Shaun Lake     27lb 

Sec (A) Glen Burden 11lb 4oz

Sec (B) Tony Burden 25lb 6oz

Marsh Trail Lakes Festival 4th/5th May 2019


Day 1 Lake A

1st Tony Burden 39lb 14oz, 2nd Nigel Knights 33lb 15oz, 3rd Kevin Howard 33lb 10oz, 4th Chris knights 23lb 13oz, 5th Alan Nobbs 21lb 13oz


Day 1 Lake C

1st Gary Bull 87lb 13oz, 2nd Dave Forrester 67lb 12oz, 3rd Andy Page 46lb 6oz, 4th Lee Lightfoot 43lb 2oz, 5th Shaun Lake 31lb 11oz.


Day 2 Lake A

1st Shaun Lake 55lb 1oz, 2nd Gary Bull 45lb 3oz, 3rd Lee Lightfoot 41lb 8oz, 4th Andy Page 34lb 3oz, 5th Justin Hunt 26lb 9oz


Day 2 Lake C

1st Chris Knights 40lb 14oz, 2nd Nigel Shipp 39lb 2oz, 3rd Cliff Pilott 35lb 13oz, 4th Karl Norman 31lb 8oz, 5th Alan Nobbs 31lb


Overall positions over the two days

1st Gary Bull                 3 points 120lb 15oz,

2nd Chris Knights         5 points 64lb 11oz,

3rd Shaun Lake             6 points 86lb 12oz,

4th Lee Lightfoot          7 points 84lb 10oz,

5th Andy Page                7 points 80lb 9oz

Saturday 27th April Lake C

1st Gary Bull          72lb 5oz

2nd Dave Forrester 40lb 7oz

3rd Lee Lightfoot    38lb 2oz

Sec (A) Shaun Lake 36lb 8oz

Sec (B) Paul Briggs 37lb 11oz

Saturday 20th April Lake A

1st Lee Lightfoot 41lb 12oz

2nd Chris Colby  41lb 5oz

3rd Ben Eldon     39lb 2oz

Sec A Andy Page 31lb 12oz

Sec B Eddie Davison 24lb 11oz

Saturday 13th April lake C

1st Eddie Davison 49lb 14oz

2nd Nigel Knights 47lb 3oz

3rd Paul Briggs     32lb 5oz

Sec (A) Andy Page 21lb 5oz

Sec (B) Dave Reynolds 24lb 4oz

Saturday 6th April Lake A

1st Eddie Davison 46lb 14oz

2nd Lee Lightfoot 34lb 4oz

3rd Mal Runacres 32lb 9oz

Sec (A) Andy Page 29lb 13oz

Sec (B) Karl Norman 14lb 

Saturday 30th March Lake C

1st Lee Lightfoot      46lb 1oz

2nd Eddie Davison    34lb 

3rd Andy Page           31lb 

Sec (A) Tony Burden   26lb 13oz

Sec (B) Dennis Howes 26lb 4oz 

Saturday 23rd March lake A

1st Andy Page        46lb 1oz

2nd Dave Forrester 33lb 15oz

3rd Lee Lightfoot   31lb 4oz

Sec A Tony Burden 19lb 5oz

Sec B Alan Nobbs   12lb 15oz

Saturday 16th March Lake C

1st Dave Forrester 73lb 1oz

2nd Ove Jinkerson 40lb 3oz

3rd Karl Norman   31lb 14oz

Saturday Lake A 9th March

1st Tony Burden 50lb 10oz

2nd Gary Bull     39lb 8oz

3rd Shaun Lake   31lb 3oz

Sec (A) Dave Forrester  13lb 7oz

Sec (B) Terry Gissing    29lb 12oz

Saturday Lake C 2nd March

1st Tony Burden   26lb 6oz

2nd Terry Gissing 24lb 13oz

3rd Andy Page      19lb 7oz

Sec A Karl Norman 19lb 4oz

Sec B Lee Lightfoot 17lb 10oz

Saturday Lake A 23rd Feb

1st Dave Forrester 45lb 14oz

2nd Mal Runacres 22lb 10oz

3rd Andy Page      21lb 11oz

Sec (A) Karl Norman  21lb 6oz

Sec (B) Lee Lightfoot 20lb 5oz

Saturday Lake C 16th Feb

1st Colin Raine        29lb 6oz

2nd Mal Runacres   29lb 4oz

3rd Kevin Howard   28lb 1oz

Sec (A) Nigel Knights 24lb 1oz

Sec (B) Karl Norman   5lb 3oz

Saturday Lake A 9th Feb

1st Ove Jinkerson 44lb 

2nd Shaun Lake    33lb 9oz

3rd Tony Burden  25lb 14oz

Saturday Lake C 2nd Feb

1st Eddie Davison 12lb 4oz

2nd Dave Forrester 11lb 11oz

3rd Lee Lightfoot 8lb 9oz

Saturday Lake C 19th Jan

1st Mal Runacres    35lb 2oz

2nd Dave Forrester 20lb 4oz

3rd Lee Lightfoot   17lb 10oz

Sec (A) Andy Page 10lb 7oz

Sec (B) Gary Bull   7lb 7oz

Saturday Lake A 12th Jan 

1st Dave Forrester 27lb 1oz

2nd Karl Norman  24lb 1oz

3rd Billy Holmes  16lb 6oz

Saturday Lake C 5th Jan

1st Dave Forrester 49lb 8oz

2nd Lee Lightfoot  34lb 9oz

3rd Eddie Davison 31lb 8oz

Sec (A) Colin Raine    27lb 12oz

Sec (B) Nigel Knights 21lb 9oz



Saturday Lake A 29th Dec

1st Mal Runacres    44lb 13oz

2nd Alan Nobbs      29lb 1oz

3rd Dave Forrester  28lb 9oz

Sec (A) Karl Norman   22lb 9oz

Sec (B) Richard Baker 21lb 14oz

Saturday Lake C 22nd Dec

1st Nigel Knights    44lb 15oz

2nd Andy Page        42lb 3oz

3rd Mal Runacres   21lb 5oz

Sec (A) Lee Lightfoot 9lb 5oz

Sec (B) Shaun Lake    16lb 2oz

Saturday lake A 15th Dec

1st Andy Page      14lb 14oz

2nd Colin Raine   13lb 8oz

3rd Karl Norman 12lb 9oz

Saturday lake C 8th Dec

1st Eddie Davison 27lb 13oz

2nd Tony Burden  25lb 3oz

3rd Andy Page       16lb 6oz

Sec (A) Mal Runacres 13lb 6oz

Sec (B) Karl Norman  12lb 14oz

Saturday Lake A 1st Dec

1st Dave Forrester   65lb 1oz

2nd Mal Runacres   41lb 13oz

3rd Colin Raine        32lb 5oz

Sec (A) Eddie Davison  13lb 12oz

Sec (B)  Mark Coleman 30lb 9oz

Saturday lake C 24th Nov

1st Dave Forrester 38lb 9oz

2nd Shaun lake      37lb 10oz

3rd Tony Burden   19lb 11oz

Sec (A) Nigel Knights 18lb 7oz

Sec (B ) lee Lighfoot    14lb

Saturday lake A 17th Nov

1st Colin Raine   45lb

2nd Shaun lake 40lb 4oz

Sec (A) Tony Burden 34lb 7oz

Sec (B)  Andy Page    17lb

Saturday Lake C 10th Nov

1st Eddie Davison  35lb 14oz

2nd Tony Burden   32lb 13oz

3rd Dave Forrester 25lb 14oz

Sec (A) Mal Runacres     20lb 10oz

Sec (B)  Richard Adams 17lb 1oz

Marsh Trail Lakes Festival

Sat 3rd / Sunday 4th Nov


Day 1 Lake A

1st Tony Burden 53lb 12oz, 2nd Ben Eldon 37lb 3oz, 3rd Alan Nobbs 34lb 1oz, 4th Richard Adams 24lb

Day 1 lake C

1st Eddie Davison 53lb 11oz, 2nd Nigel Shipp 23lb 3oz, 3rd Karl Norman 21lb 11oz, 4th Mal Runacres 18lb 1oz

Day 2 lake A

1st Nigel Shipp 57lb 7oz, 2nd Mal Runacres 38lb 13oz, 3rd Lee Lightfoot 22lb 3oz, 4th Shaun lake 20lb 7oz

Day 2 Lake C

1st Richard Adams 34lb 9oz, 2nd Dave Forrester 33lb 7oz, 3rd Kevin Howard 27lb 11oz, 4th Chris Knights 24lb 6oz


Overall positions over two days

1st Nigel Shipp                    3 Points  80lb 10oz

2nd Richard Adams             5 Points  58lb 9oz

3rd Mal Runacres                 6 Points  56lb 14oz

4th Eddie Davison                9 Points  68lb 14oz

Saturday Lake C 27th Oct

1st Karl Norman    41lb 12oz

2nd Gary Bull         36lb 11oz

3rd Eddie Davison 36lb 10oz

Sec(A)Stephen Ashford 25lb 10oz

Sec (B) Ben Eldon           26lb 1oz

Saturday Lake A 20th Oct

1st Dave Forrester 51lb 6oz

2nd Shaun Lake  33lb 8oz

Sec (A) Cliff Pilott 22lb 15oz

Sec (B)  Ove Jinkerson 27lb 3oz

Saturday  Lake C 13th Oct

1st   Alex Watson 57lb 6oz

2nd lee Lightfoot   55lb 11oz

3rd  Shaun Lake    54lb 2oz

Sec (A) Alan Nobbs 37lb 15oz

Sec (B) Colin Raine   42lb 5oz

Saturday lake A 6th Oct

1st lee Lightfoot      88lb 12oz

2nd Dave Forrester 77lb 1oz

3rd Richard Baker  67lb 2oz

Saturday lake C 29th Sept

1st Martin Waters 74lb 9oz

2nd Cliff Pilott        59lb 7oz

3rd Ben Eldon        49lb 11oz

Sec (A) lee Lightfoot   26lb 6oz

Sec (B)  Alex Watson  44lb 6oz

Saturday Lake A 22nd Sept

1st Dave Forrester  47lb 7oz

2nd Shaun Lake      30lb 15oz

3rd Karl Norman    30lb 12oz

Sec (A) Cliff Pilott         16lb 3oz

Sec (B)  Kevin Howard 27lb 5oz

Saturday Lake C 15th Sept

1st Lee Lightfoot    112lb 8oz

2nd Richard Baker 72lb 9oz

3rd Chris Knights  54lb 7oz

Saturday Lake A 8th Sept

1st Chris Colby       63lb 15oz

2nd Shaun Lake    62lb 14oz

3rd Dave Forrester 60lb 2oz

Sec (A) Kevin Howard 43lb 14oz

Sec (B) Andy Page       27lb 10oz

Saturday lake C 1st Sept

1st Chris Colby 68lb 9oz

2nd Ben Eldon  61lb 11oz

Sec (A) Dennis Howes 55lb

Sec (B) Colin Raine      52lb 13oz

Saturday lake A 25th Aug

1st Dave Forrester 92lb 5oz

2nd Lee Lightfoot  78lb 8oz

3rd Ben Eldon        71lb 10oz

Saturday Lake A 18th Aug

1st Chris Colby        92lb 8oz

2nd Eddie Davison 59lb

3rd Dave Forrester 53lb 14oz

Saturday Lake C 11th Aug

1st Ben Eldon 86lb 7oz

2nd Ian Pete   76lb 9oz

3rd Stephen Ashford     70lb 9oz

Sec (A) Dave Forrester 68lb 6oz

Sec (B)  Terry Gissing   53lb

Saturday Lake A 4th July

1st    Shaun lake         82lb 14oz

2nd Dennis Howes    55lb

3rd  Lee Lightfoot      54lb 13oz

Sec (A) Ian Peat          43lb

Sec (B) Tony Burden 42lb 7oz

Saturday Lake C 28th July

1st Chris Knights           209lb 4oz

2nd lee Lightfoot           139lb 7oz

Sec (A) Dave Forrester 102lb 5oz

Sec (B)  Gary Bull           137lb 2oz

Saturday Lake A 21st July

1st Lee Lightfoot      63lb 5oz

2nd Dave Forrester  62lb 2oz

3rd Tony Burden      53lb 2oz

Sec (A) Colin Raine 39lb 12oz

Sec (B) Ian Peat        32lb 1oz

Saturday Lake C 14th July

1st Shaun Lake       95lb 1oz

2nd Ben Eldon        94lb 8oz

3rd Dave Forrester 92lb 7oz

Sec (A) Chris Knights   64lb 6oz

Sec (B) Richard Baker  55lb 10oz

Saturday lake A 7th July

1st    Richard Baker 86lb 3oz

2nd   Dave Forrester 68lb 5oz

3rd   Lee Lightfoot  67lb 7oz

Saturday Lake C 30th June

1st Chris Knights    79lb 3oz

2nd Ben Eldon         43lb 7oz

3rd Martin Waters 41lb 1oz

Sec (A) Scott Allen        33lb 9oz

Sec (B)  Richard Baker 33lb 2oz


Lake A Saturday 23rd June

1st Richard Baker   53lb 5oz

2nd lee lightfoot     49lb 14oz

3rd Dave Forrester 43lb 8oz

lake A Saturday 16th June

1st Kierren Waters 74lb 1oz

2nd Chris Knights  46lb 13oz

3rd Simon Elliott   45lb 1oz

Sec (A) Mike Whittaker 24lb 3oz

Sec (B) Terry Gissing      38lb 2oz


Lake A Saturday 9th June

1st Lee Lightfoot   53lb 9oz

2nd Chris Knights 53lb 6oz

3rd Cliff Pilott        42lb 5oz

Sec (A) Stephen Ashford 38lb 14oz

Sec (B) Richard Baker     33lb 7oz

Lake C Sat 2nd June

1st Chris Knights         82lb 12oz

2nd Stephen Ashford  63lb 1oz

3rd Richard Baker       59lb 10oz

Sec (A) Terry Gissing  47lb 4oz

Sec (B) Shaun Lake     43lb 3oz

Lake A Sat 26th May

1st Richard Baker 55lb 1oz

2nd lee Lightfoot  37lb 12oz

3rd Tony Burden  33lb 4oz

Sec (A) Kevin Howard 32lb 1oz

Sec (B) Glen Burden   28lb 4oz


Lake C Sat 19th May

1st Chris Knights       72lb 10oz

2nd Mike Whittaker 55lb

3rd Jake Macdowall  46lb 13oz

Sec (A) karl Norman   38lb 5oz

Sec (B) Richard Baker 41lb 8oz


Lake A Sat 12th May

1st Shaun lake         66lb 12oz

2nd Karl Dowse      47lb 5oz

3rd Dave Forrester 45lb 14oz

Sec (A) Tony Burden 36lb 11oz

Sec (B) Nigel Knights 33lb 10oz

Marsh Trail lake Festival 5th 6th May 2018


Day 1 Lake A

1st Ben Eldon 57lb 11oz, 2nd Simon Hailey 55lb 1oz, 3rd Shaun lake 43lb, 4th Simon Parker 39lb 15oz


Day 1 Lake C

1st Richard Baker 64lb 9oz, 2nd Chris Colby 45lb 12oz, 3rd Martin Waters 44lb 3oz, 4th Kevin Howard 42lb 4oz


Day 2 Lake A

1st Jim Barrowman 96lb 15oz, 2nd Tony Burden 72lb 2oz, 3rd Andy Page 45lb 11oz, 4th Martin Waters 42lb 11oz


Day 2 Lake C

1st Simon Parker 119lb 3oz, 2nd Ben Eldon 101lb 11oz, 3rd Chris Knights 83lb 3oz, 4th Simon Hailey 70lb 13oz


Overall Position over Two Days

1st   Ben Eldon              3 Points   159lb 6oz      

2nd Simon Parker          5 Points   159lb 12oz

3rd Simon Hailey          6 Points   125lb 14oz

4th Martin Waters         7 Points   86lb 14oz

5th Chris Colby             8 Points   75lb 5oz      

Lake C Saturday 28th April

1st Ian Cochrane 49lb 4oz

2nd Nigel Shipp  36lb 3oz

3rd Karl Norman 33lb 15oz

Sec (A) Terry Gissing 31lb 3oz

Sec (B) Dave Forrester 27lb 9oz


Lake A Saturday 21st April

1st Dave Forester       66lb 10oz

2nd Stephen Ashford 55lb 8oz

3rd Karl Dowse          50lb 5oz

Sec (A) Nigel Shipp   44lb 7oz

Sec (B) Colin Raine   48lb 5oz

Lake C Saturday 14th April

1st Richard Baker     62lb 13oz

2nd Mike Whittaker 62lb 1oz

3rd Chris Knights     57lb 6oz

Sec (A) Stephen Ashford 28lb 13oz

Sec (B) Eddie Davison    23lb 4oz

Lake A Saturday 7th April

1st Chris Knights    45lb 2oz

2nd Lee Lightfoot   35lb 3oz

3rd Dave Forrester  33lb 6oz

Sec (A) Eddie Davison 30lb 4oz

Sec (B) Karl Dowse 29lb 15oz

Lake C Saturday 31st March

1st Mike Whittaker  81lb 13oz

2nd Nigel Knights    57lb 3oz

3rd Kevin Howard   46lb 8oz

Sec (A) Karl Dowse  30lb 11oz

Sec (B) Karl Norman 25lb 12oz

Lake A Saturday 24th March

1st  Karl Dowse 56lb 12oz

2nd lee Lightfoot 48lb 15oz

3rd Chris Kelly 42lb 8oz

Sec (A) Dave Reynolds 38lb 1oz

Sec (B) Dave Forrester  32lb 13oz

Lake C Saturday 17th March

1st Eddie Davison 35lb 1oz

2nd Tony Burden  28lb 11oz

3rd Richard Baker 19lb 13oz

Lake A Saturday 10th March

1st Dave Forester 49lb 14oz

2nd Chris Knights 34lb 14oz

3rd Mal Runacres  31lb 12oz


Lake C Saturday 4th March

Cancelled lake Frozen

Lake A Saturday 24th February

1st Richard Adams 26lb 6oz

2nd Dave Forrester 11lb 3oz

Sec A Tony Burden 6lb 13oz

Sec B Mal Runacres 9lb 5oz

Lake C Saturday 17th February

1st Karl Dowse       51lb 7oz

2nd Dennis Howes 38lb 10oz

3rd Chris Knights   37lb 9oz

Lake A Saturday 10th February

1st Mal Runacres    17lb 15oz

2nd Eddie Davison 9lb 6oz

3rd Nigel Knights   4lb 13oz

Lake C Saturday 3rd February

1st Mal Runacres     18lb 3oz

2nd Richard Adams 15lb

3rd Tony Burden      10lb 3oz

Lake A Saturday 27th Jan

1st Dave Forrester 22lb 11oz

Joint 2nd

Tony Burden

Shaun Lake           19lb 3oz

Lake C Saturday 20th Jan

1st Mal Runacres    49lb 11oz

2nd Eddie Davison 14lb 11oz

Lake A Saturday 13th January

1st Dave Forrester  78lb 15oz

2nd Shaun Lake     30lb 9oz

Sec (A) Mal Runacres 22lb 7oz

Sec (B) Tony Burden  24lb 1oz

Lake C Saturday 6th January

1st Mal Runacres 23lb 14oz

2nd Richard Baker 17lb 15oz

3rd Shaun Lake 14lb 4oz




Marsh Trail Lakes Open

Lake C

Saturday 15th June 

Draw 9am fish 10-4pm 

to book contact David 

07913 115610
















M & H A.C 
























































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